The best party games to play for the Super Bowl (2024)

HONOLULU (KHON2) –The Super Bowl is known to be a time when some of the best parties are thrown.

Watching the actual game is fun for some; but most of use enjoy the commercials, half-time shows and party food and games much more.

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Creating games that can be played while the Big Game is on the screen is an artform, and is here to help you curate the best games out there.

Big Game squares

How to play: Participants buy squares on a 10×10 grid, and numbers representing the last digit of the score for each team are assigned randomly to rows and columns.

Winners are determined at the end of each quarter based on the current score. You determine the prizes.

Football bingo

How to play: Create bingo cards with events that might happen during the game: anticipated commercials, the halftime show, when Taylor Swift is shown on camera, anticipated plays by the teams. There are endless things that can be marked. Then, your guests simply mark off squares as hose events occur. The first to get a bingo wins a prize.

Prediction game

How to play: Before the game starts, guests make predictions on various aspects of the game (e.g., who will score the first touchdown, the total number of touchdowns, number of times we see Taylor Swift, etc….). Prizes are awarded to those with the most accurate predictions.

Commercial rating game

How to play: Each guest rates the commercials on a scale of 1 to 10. After the game, votes are tallied; and the commercial with the highest score is declared the party’s favorite.

Football trivia

How to play: Test your guests’ football knowledge with a trivia contest about the Super Bowl, the teams playing and general football trivia. This can be played individually or in teams. You determine the prizes.

Pass the football

How to play: This is a musical chairs-like game where a football is passed around as music plays. When the music stops, the person holding the football is out and the last person remaining wins. You determine what, if any, prizes are given.

Quarterback challenge

How to play: Set up a target and have guests take turns throwing a football to hit the target. Score points based on difficulty, and the person with the highest score wins. You determine the prizes.

Guess the score

How to play: Before the game begins, have everyone guess the final score of the game. The guest with the guess closest to the actual score wins a prize. You determine the prizes.

Beer Pong, football edition

How to play: Play beer pong with a football twist by using a mini football and goalposts at the end of the table. This can be themed around football to add to the spirit of the Super Bowl.

Halftime show lip sync battle

How to play: During halftime, guests can perform lip syncs to songs by the halftime show artist or other popular songs. This can be a fun way to keep the energy up during halftime.

Karaoke competition

Do you really need an explanation of how to play this one?

Big Game prop bets (social gambling)

How to play: Create a list of prop bets for various aspects of the game, halftime show and commercials. Examples include which team will win the coin toss, the color of the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach or the first song performed by the halftime artist. Guests can fill out their predictions before the game starts, and whoever gets the most correct wins the game.

End zone dance contest

How to play: Encourage guests to show off their best touchdown celebration dances. This can be spontaneous throughout the game or organized as a halftime or pregame event. Vote for the best performance. You determine the prizes.

Big Game word scramble or crossword

How to play: Create or print out football-themed word scrambles or crosswords for guests to solve during downtime. These can be themed around Big Game history, commercials, halftime show, the teams playing or general football terms. You determine the prizes.

Football charades

How to play: Write down football terms, player names, and actions on slips of paper. Guests take turns acting out the terms for their team to guess, using traditional charades rules. You determine the prizes.

Commercial bingo

How to play: Similar to Football Bingo but specifically focused on commercials. Create bingo cards with common themes, phrases or items that might appear in the Big Game commercials (e.g., animals, celebrities, cars, etc…).

Jersey number game

How to play: Each guest draws or is assigned a number at the start of the party. Whenever a player with the corresponding jersey number scores a touchdown, makes a significant play or is highlighted, the guest with that number wins a small prize.

Fantasy Football for the Super Bowl

How to play: Have guests draft players from the two teams playing in the Super Bowl before the game starts. Points are scored based on the performance of the players during the Super Bowl, similar to regular fantasy football rules.

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By incorporating a variety of games that cater to all types of guests, you can ensure that everyone has a great time regardless of their interest level in the actual football game.

Have fun this weekend!

The best party games to play for the Super Bowl (2024)
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